Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Surrender: Two Nudes

Surrender Duo

This week's Single Frame Stories prompt is "surrender." I've had a very tough time with the topic. Although a few funny images came quickly to mind, I wanted to go for something emotionally raw that didn't use humor as the primary focus. These are the two images I ended up with.

It was my birthday yesterday, so age has been simmering in the back of mind over the past week. The physical aspect of aging isn't something I've dealt with up to this point, artistically or emotionally. I haven't made the psychological transition from my formerly young and hot self, to my current middle-aged, not-quite-so-hot form. The fact that I started with the female image before adding a second male figure today, speaks to my lack of comfort in this area. I'm pretty ruthless in addressing my psychological and intellectual foibles in art and story. Not so much this issue. I'm inspired by Kristine Schomaker for dealing with body image so fearlessly in her work.

I invite you to submit your own Single Frame Story for this week's challenge. Here's how.

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