Friday, October 19, 2012

Applying Virtual World Skills to Atomic World Work

Avatar identities provide many of us with a pseudonymous sandbox to explore creative avenues that may not fit into our atomic world careers. Although some of us may never be able to claim the content for our wallet name identities, the skills we develop through writing, image creation, machinima, etc. can certainly be applied. Here's one of my RL projects that wouldn't have been possible without the years of work I've done under the Botgirl Questi identity.


Winter Seale said...

I love the phrase "atomic world" for the opposite of "virtual world"! Much better then saying "real world". Thanks! =)

May O. Mingzi said...

I usually make the distinction as "virtual world" vs. "physical world" myself. And I, too, have developed skills that have applied to both realms.