Friday, August 31, 2012

She's a Card (God Willing)

Visual Thesaurus display of "card"

Sometimes the Church of the Blank Page needs a technological kick start. After almost a week of coming up with nothing for "card", this week's 100 Word Stories challenge, I finally entered the term into the Visual Thesaurus search box. I found inspiration in the bottom left side of the circle. Here's the story I came up with:

She's a Card (God Willing)

John opened the panel in the back of her head and inserted the card into the open slot. The body was a perfect replica of Jane in her prime, before the accident broke her too badly for even medicine's modern miracles to repair.

Jane had resisted getting scanned and backed up, no matter how many times John had nagged her. "We've got plenty of time," she'd say. Now, the results of an experimental post-mortem brain scan were anything but certain.

Activating the start-up process, John waited to see if his beloved wife would boot up from the dead.


Lizzie Gudkov said...

Like it! Great job!

Yordie Sands said...

Love it too!

BTW, when you changed URL, i think i lost my email feed. Sorry I've missed so many of your posts. I think I've hooked up the feed again.

Botgirl Questi said...

Thanks! I just finished recording the narration and now working on a little video to go with it.