Friday, August 17, 2012

New Second Life Parody Blog: 'A is for Avatar'

A is for Avatar is a new blog that will lampoon its way through the virtual alphabet. The tongue-in-cheek illustrated glossary of Second Life terms is meant to enlighten, entertain and offend newbies and oldbies alike. Once we've compiled 50 or so entries, we plan to publish this both as an e-book and a old-fashioned physical world printed book.

If you’d like to contribute to the glossary, whether by providing 100 word descriptions of common Second Life terms or illustrations of those terms, please contact Crap MarinerWhiskey Monday or I.

Some of the initial terms over the next few months will include: Avatar, Building, Copybot, Drama, Education, Friends List, Groups, Hair, Instant Message, Jira, Kick, Lag, Marketplace, Notecard, Object, Prims, Qarl, Rodvik, SLebrity, Troll, Underwear, Voice, Wackadoodle, X, Yiff and Zindra.


R. said...

To those who say "Second Life is dead!" I shout NO, IT IS NOT! because it keeps grunting as we kick it in the ribs.

With LOVE, dang it... we kick with LOVE!


Curmudgeon said...
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Pep said...

Not many people will have a clue what you are doing.


(They think it's "avitar".)

sororNishi said...

Great stuff ... another great idea. Crap, Whiskey and you... what a team!