Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My entry in this week's Single Frame Stories challenge.
I write on many issues here with what probably seems to be a lot of conviction. But its mostly a rhetorical device to avoid what would otherwise be a ridiculously high frequency of IMHOs and other annoying and self-deprecating modifiers. Maybe I should just add a standard disclaimer:

The opinions expressed in this blog are merely, um, opinions. The author has no few illusions that they reflect objective truth or encompass sufficient perspective to fully understand the chosen topic of pontification. Predictions of future events are especially suspect and are provided for amusement purposes only. 

Swallowing these words whole may cause serious side effects including consternation, confusion, blurred vision, halitosis, delusions of grandeur and premature exasperation. 

You have been warned!


sororNishi said...

Like the disclaimer a lot. Maybe I could have a permanent link back to it from my page heading...:))

Anonymous said...

Hunter Thompson would scoff! Of course it's your opinion and one of the marks of all great writers is a firm sense of conviction. Why not just disclaim: I've given all that follows a lot of thought, and what might be considered shots from the hip are still part of a brewing process in my head. I'm open minded, however, and willing to entertain thoughtful rebuttals. Trolls, however, will be beaten mercilessly.