Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fuck You Video - SLCC Version

Since the sentiment is the same, I decided to trasform this SL9B parody song into an SLCC version. All it took was a vintage party planning video from The Prelinger Archives. Maybe I'll get around to some new verses later. The way things are going, it could be the song that never ends.

Fuck You

You thought we'd donate free land again
to SLB and we're like
Fuck you
The Destination Guide listing
wasn't enough, we're like
Fuck You
your community too

When Philip was with us
You were little bitches
Whining every move we made
Now that Rodvik's a hit
We won't take no more shit
Fuck you
Oo. Oo, ooo

No more mercy
All your controversy
Doesn't mean a thing
If you don't like mesh
Or TPV changes
Take your ass to Open Sim
We think it's real funny
That you give us your money
No matter what we do
So go wackadoodle
Cause we know it's futile
Just pay your tier when it due


Slim Warrior said...

HAHAH so freaking funny, Bevan and I have been crying with laughter all evening over this..


Bevan said...

My face hurts !

sororNishi said...

Damn, how did I miss this? ... excellent.