Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sex Switch on Parody Videos

I decided to make a couple more dancing Siren videos to see how gender bending would change perception. The dancer switched from a female shape to a male body and skin. The setting and animations were the same as in the previous trailers. I went back and forth about whether to keep the hypnotic bikini top, but eventually decided that cross-dressing would muddy the question I was trying to explore. Yeah, I also decided to omit a penis so I wouldn't have to tag the video as adult.

This first video is "Call of the Siren: Beefcake Version." It almost identical to the first Call of the Siren trailer except for the sex change.

For the second video, instead of doing a similar re-edit of the Bollywood trailer, I used a different iMovie template to expand on the sailor at sea idea and ended up with"Beefcake Bay."

To me, the switch of the dancer's sex had a big impact on my perception of the videos. I noticed it as soon as I started shooting it. I'll write more about the differences I notices in another post. What did you notice?


Tateru Nino said...

No change for me. Feels the same.

Dale Innis said...

Well, even without the nipplecovers, the boy version is still counter to expected gender behavior because of the nature of the dancemoves and the remaining clothing. So it's going to seem somewhat more tranny than the original. And of course monosexual viewers will have different erotic reactions, social norms aside. :)

Gypsy Quixote said...

Honestly didn't notice a difference between the two. But the question of impact due to gender change seems pretty obvious for anyone secure with their own sexuality. Those who are insecure will have more adverse reactions, but may not be a good or stable sample group. Unenlightened human is unenlightened.

Cinnamon M. said...

To finish this little experiment, you need to have a ship of lusty women suddenly unable to have a coherent thought or function at all because your beefcake is dancing. other than that, it is fun to see the expected gender roles switched even if I would react the same to any gender of half naked being dancing somewhere.

Botgirl Questi said...

Tateru: I could take that a number of ways ;)

Dale: I was thinking of a couple dimensions when I posed the question. The first was related to your comment about monosexual viewers. On a personal level, I did assume that the experience would be based on whether one was attracted to the particular gender.

The other aspect that was a bit less clear to me was the relationship between the exaggerated and melodramatic elements played against the object of the parody . . .the context of films that objectify women through hyper-sexualized caricature. The weird thing about the first videos were that they both critiqued and emulated the sexploitation. To me, the videos with the male dancer didn't have that second layer.

Gypsy: I agree with you about the aversion, although there are other reasons that might cause it other than insecurity. I also think that one could be attracted to one and neutral to the other. Or neutral to both.

Cinnamon: I wish I had the budget and time to pull off your script idea!

Yoshiko Fazuku said...

another thing to consider is the fact that a virtual world avatar might not have the same effect or implied meaning to some one as a RL person. a lot of people do not equate the two and consider avatar nakedness or sexuality benign like a say a cartoon or an old renaissance nude painting or statue. Sorta like the body as art vs the body as a sexual object.

Celestiall said...

I'm still waiting for the Beefcake. All I saw was some effeminate...

Oh wait, was *that*, supposed to be?! Errr..nevermind.

Celestiall said...

Uh, weird. I made a comment here, a day or so ago, and now I don't see it.

I don't recall exactly what I wrote, but it was along the lines of me not seeing any beefcake in that video, and then going something like, "is that supposed to be the beefcake? Oh..well never-mind"

So, where's my original comment?

On a blog-post where someone is making parody videos, jokes about the video disappear? Sheesh.

Botgirl Questi said...

Yoshiko: You mean another reason for a "neutral" response?

Celestiall: It seems that Google thought your commet was spam. Sorry about that: