Saturday, April 7, 2012

Parody, Pretension or Play?

I could have probably gotten away with any of the three very different artist statements that came to mind for this video. Two of them would have been total bullshit. But that's par for that course, right? Here are the candidates:
  1. Parody. This work is a funhouse mirror reflecting the narcissistic indulgence of avatar-obsessed machinamists and photographers. Randomly chosen backgrounds, poorly composed shots, overdramatic music and exaggerated special effects attempt to trick the viewer into believing there's a deeper meaning than is actually present.
  2. Pretense. This work is a metaphor for the struggle to reconcile avatar and human identity. The avatar moves through a nightmarish, distorted version of a suburban home, disconnected, distorted and unresolved. 
  3. Play. @SkateFoss tweeted about Blue Mars Mobile. I was bored and decided to have some fun by playing around with it on my iPad. Next thing I knew, I was running around the house shooting the screen with different aremaC filters. A few drinks later, I did an automatic edit on V.I.K.T.O.R., ran it through one more round of effects in 8mm HD for good measure and uploaded it to Vimeo.
You can decide for yourself which one is true. Although the title offers a big hint.

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