Friday, November 25, 2011

New SLCONSPIRACY: Addiction to RL Claims Another Virtual Life



Dirk said...

Where will it end? Is there no hope? I see these stories and sometimes wonder if they are made up, but I guess that is only wishful thinking. I know I am battling my own demons with RL addition. So sad.

Dale Innis said...

No offense, but is it really THAT hard to moderate your own RL use? I mean, we're all grownups here, supposedly. I hear about "addiction" to RL, but I wonder if it isn't really that there's some fundamental lack in these people's SLs, and they're using RL as a sort of band-aid or a distraction, rather than doing something about the fundamental SL problem.

I wish these people the best with whatever it is they're getting out of RL of course, but I do hope they get to a point where they can come back to SL, and face whatever the real problem is...

Anonymous said...

Truly a tragic situation. It makes me so want to cry.

Anonymous said...

Some people just enjoy the attention they receive for their "RL addiction." Their lack of ability to balance their RL use with their SL lives is just mismanagement, not addiction. Maybe they need to spend more time in SL to get a reality check.

Scarp Godenot said...

I swear these losers who spend all their time in RL are a pretty sad lot. Why can't they just get a clue and realize that they are just fooling themselves in some sort of a sick fantasy!

Maybe they should get a freaking clue with all of their their so called RL dreams. There must be something totally lacking in their SLife.

Maybe some day they will GROW UP and get with the program. Playing RL every single day is SO LAME!

If they could just have a few meaingful experiences with some avatars, maybe they wouldn't want the hollow RL relationships that those people end up with!

Dirk said...

I really don't appreciate the lack of compassion for those of us that have faced up to fact that we have a RL addition problem. Denying it is no longer an option. We have lost too many good friends to it and I don't want to lose anymore, let alone, falling victim myself.

Dale, it is that hard. You may not realize it now, but there may come a day. Athena, let the tears flow, but try not to use mesh tears. You have to resize your face and that just is asking too much.

Whiskeyshots, it is mismanagement, but, what can I say? You end up buying some stuff because your College Freebies are looking skanky and, soon, you invest more Lindens in RL money and buying more RL merchandise and you find yourself enjoying it, and... It just gets harder to manage. I don't know. It just does.

Scarp, go ahead. Call us losers. Call us what you want. We hurt already so calling us names won't cause that much more damage, it will just push us away from you. Is that what you want?

Some of us have a clue. A clue that RL is a time sink. Or maybe a time sync? We understand it is a problem but that doesn't mean we can control it.

Sometimes I just sit in my skybox and wonder if it is all worth it. I mean, after all, when all is said and done, what can you really do in RL that you can't do in SL? Easy to say, but harder to really take to heart.

For now, I'm going to rez a chair and sulk in front of one of my fireplaces.

Botgirl Questi said...

I usually restrain myself from exploiting sensational stories, but in this economy a virtual girl's got to do what she has to do to pay tier. And although this type of tragedy makes us feel sad on one level, it also helps us feel better about ourselves, because at least we're not as fucked up as those pathetic losers, right?

So I thought it was an appropriate Thanksgiving story. We should all give thanks to the Lord above that She gave us the strength of pretense to keep our own addictions, neurosis, compulsions and other dysfunctions to ourselves. Halleluja!

sororNishi said...

There should be a charity set up for these poor souls, not everyone gets the necessary guidance to help deal with these problems.
I blame the parents.

Burhop said...

I heard she tried to join an intervention group but was already at the 25 group limit :-(

Yordie Sands said...

hahahaha! i'm so addicted "i'm peeing in my pants and i don't care!"

Unknown said...


I should get my human to move her name to second in the tagline of this blog. What was I thinking?