Thursday, October 6, 2011

Greed (Let 'em Starve) - Music Video for Occupy Wall Street

It's sad to say that this twenty year old song by my musical alter-ego fourworlds is still as applicable today as it was then. I put it behind a mashup of Occupy Wall Street video and some old footage from the Prelinger Archives.

Greed (Let 'em Starve) 
Why should my hard earned dollars go to feed some shirker's kid?
Maybe watching their belly swell would teach them what they did.
If they can't feed their family working sixty hours a week,
Let 'em work 100, there's no god-given right to sleep. 
Let 'em Starve! 
There's no such thing as prejudice, everyone gets their fair shot.
Look at all the laundries and restaurants the boat people all got.
If those bums living on the dole would just get off their lazy cans,
They could all be executives or empty my trash cans. 
Let 'em Starve! 
So if you're sick and poor just go away,
Cause you don't deserve a doctor if you cannot pay.
If your daddy's poor and you mamma's on crack,
You should have the moral fibre to stay on the track.
If you're handicapped or crazy that's not my concern,
Don't go looking for a handout, don't have money to burn.
So for all you losers, it may sound cruel,
But keep your lazy genes out of my gene pool. 
Let 'em Starve.


Anonymous said...

Great mashup and I really liked the song. Y U NO POST ON D*?
Else I will :-)

Botgirl Questi said...

Thanks! Just added to D*. But feel free to post yourself or reshare. :)