Thursday, September 29, 2011

Google Confirms Botgirl Questi is My Real Name

Real Name


rorowe said...

Something I've noticed as I've delved deeper into Google+ (yes, using my real name...):
I don't recognize at least 80% of the people adding me to their circles. Many of them "look" familiar by their avatars, but I really wish they had their Twitter handles or something that I recognize already.
Keep up the fight, Botgirl!!

Joey1058 said...

I'm roughly half Joe Nickence and half Joey1058. There's a sprinkling of metathuselah in there as well, but I hardly use that one. As for people adding me to circles or friends lists, I'm tickled anybody reads me at all. :-)

Khani said...

Meat Server Name : (100)
(and that's mostly someone else)

Khannea Suntzu : (11200)