Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fully Rigged Customized Avatars Are Now Free From Evolver

Fully rigged avatar creation is now free from Evolver following its acquisition by Autodesk. Pro Model exports were previously $39 each.
You may create your Character for use in popular 3D software like Maya® and 3DSMax®. You specify your preferred output formats, skeleton type, polygonal resolution, others, and you can even add a custom set of 77 blendshapes to drive facial animation.
This service can give those experimenting with Second Life's new mesh capabilities a head start for imports into the modeling platform of their choice. Avatars for a number of other platforms including Project Wonderland and realXtend can be exported directly to the host format.

Here's a brief walk-through I created a couple of years ago. The features illustrated are still the same.


RichardM said...

I thought that deal expired today? I was franticly downloading a few yesterday!

Joey1058 said...

I've created an avatar with their software, but they obviously don't let you upload it to SL or IMVU yet. At least not that I'm finding.

Hamlet Au said...

Hmm, BQ, let me know when/if it's importable to SL and IMVU.