Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eric's Song: Truth is More Surreal Than Fiction

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is a seasoned executive with decades of public speaking experience under his belt. So it was hard to fathom the stream of near gibberish that came out of his mouth in a QA at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International TV Festival. His quilt of "forgot to take my meds" invectives was so surreal that I was inspired to make another video. This time, instead of putting my words in Google's mouth, I just snagged some of the phrases he actually used.


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Dirk said...

If I am not mistaken, the stars on the Jews' clothing was to help them know who each other were, and, if I am not mistaken, were advertised as being for their own protection. No, this isn't intended as a direct comparison to the holocaust, but there are parallels.

lost to the #nymwars said...

The Ghost of SANEAlex here ;-) Well Eric or more likely Brett the marketing guy has had me put down they did not wait the four days for the vets to do it humanely i was just taken out and shoot metaphorically speaking more info here:-

If you are not afraid of the gun being pointed at your account can you post a copy of this to your #NymWars circles as i think there was a big overlap with mine and it would be nice to let them know i am gone.