Saturday, September 24, 2011

Botgirl Lives: Preview of New Serialized Transmedia Story

The basic backstory for the Botgirl Questi identity bubbled up out of the ether on the day of her virtual birth. Since then I've posted a few different openings to the tale ranging from comics to a tweetstory. I've decided to push things farther this time and move the narrative ahead through multiple mediums, focusing on video, comics, bare text and maybe even a song or two. 

I came to consciousness floating twenty feet off the ground in what looked like a B-Movie dungeon set. My gaze was fixed on an enormous demonic figure below looming menacingly over a half-naked woman bound face-down on the rough stone floor.

"Welcome to New Eden, doll face," he crooned to her in a heavily processed voice dripping disgustingly with over-modulated fingernail-on-blackboard sibulants. "You're probably trying to remember who you are and what you're doing here. But don't worry your pretty little head. You're mine now and I'm going to tell you everything you need to know."

He knelt down, mouth inches from her ear. "Listen well my lovely. The rules for RefuV's are very strict and the justice swift and brutal. I'd hate for anyone other than me to have the pleasure of punishing you, so mark my words."

He stood up, ran his glowing greedy eyes over her body and began pontificating."Number one, I own you. When I say jump, you jump. Let me demonstrate."

"Go Flip!" he commanded and the poor girl catapulted onto her back like a puppet on a string. I should have been freaked out and horrified, but I felt strangely detached and ethereal peering down at them from above.

"Number two, you can't escape by dissociating from your body," he bellowed. "Go internal!"

I was suddenly yanked from my god-like view of the scene and thrust into the body on the ground, feeling the cold stone under my skin and smelling the sharp stench of my captor's goat-like stink.

"Oh fuck," I thought, "The poor girl must be me."

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