Friday, July 8, 2011

The Real Truth About Google's Position on Avatar Identity: Exclusive Interview with Google

"Google services support three different types of use when it comes to your identity: unidentified, pseudonymous, identified. Google Profiles is a product that works best in the identified state. This way you can be certain you’re connecting with the right person, and others will have confidence knowing that there is someone real behind the profile they’re checking out. For this reason, Google Profiles requires you to use the name that you commonly go by in daily life." from Google FAQ on identity policy

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sororNishi said...

hmmm....what was his real name? GoogleBot?...:)))

DeNovo Broome said...

Thanks for the yummy blogfodder. :)

Brigadoon Station: Google+, Networking and the Reality of Me.

Cisop Sixpence said...

You make great points Botgirl. It would be really nice if Google would open their eyes and think outside the box. Of course, if all they want to do is imitate Facebook, then they are right on course.

Singularity Utopia said...

Nothing is really "real" on the internet. It is all pixels. It's all cyberspace. Are so-called "real human people on the internet" really "2D pixel images" in real life?