Thursday, June 9, 2011

Extropia Burning

Extropia Burning

I've been looking for a new horizon
But all I see is Extropia burning
The dream of the Transhuman Grail has vanished
Merlin is a Meeroo
Camelot is Disneyland
I am adrift



Mera Kranfel said...

Agree. And Guinevere is Jessica Rabbit? Welcome to the future of virtual worlds botgirl

Greetings from a sappy romantic lost in the metaverse :´(

sororNishi said...

This may be the best post I've seen all year.

Botgirl Questi said...

Mera: I wish. I love Jessicaa Rabbit. ;)

soror: Thanks. Both the sketch and poem came pretty much out of the blue and kicked up some very strong emotions I must have been holding subconsciously for the last few years. It's really good to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Joey1058 said...

"The dream of the Transhuman Grail has vanished".

Allow me to share tin cups with you. My AR is on the fritz. The default world is an ugly place.

Anonymous said...

made me cry

DeNovo Broome said...

It can't always be beat poetry and Absinthe, dear; some days are made for spray cheese and American beer.

But then, a conscious banality is fairly much what Warhol was all about, eh?

...and I do love the poem. :)

Botgirl Questi said...

Joey: To me, the Transhuman Grail is about using virtual identity to awaken more fully to the beauty of the default world, not to escape it or even augment it. But thanks for sharing your cups. :)

Nightflower: The Camelot metaphor was the part that really nailed me. I'm pretty much through the bittersweet nostalgia now and feeling a renewed determination to find an equally inspiring direction.

Deebs said...

Wow. No *pressure* on us or anything, eh? *chuckles*

I worry about this too, Botgirl-heart. But I haven't written off the Grail just yet.

Come up to Rising in Light, sit and listen to the dreams, and let's see what we hear, mkay?