Thursday, April 7, 2011


I finally made it to Transubstantiation last night, soror Nishi's new art exhibition in Second Life. It's a fascinating work with a deep theme:
. . .  as greek mythology tells it, we humans stole The Fire of the Gods, the power to create... and were duly punished, not collectively, but poor Prometheus got severely punished by Zeus. Because we have created virtual worlds, we act as gods.... (I am one of the gods sat here in my Olympus squabbling with the other gods and generally interfering with the lesser avatars below). We create and destroy worlds and conjure emotion and spirituality from prims, well, actually from The Prim. Each Prim is essentially a Cornucopia as its final manifestation is at my whim, my desire. The Prim contains my body and my blood... my essence. How? ....Every Prim I build is actually a REAL part of my psyche... (there is nothing virtual in this argument/statement). .. and so this artistic process is a transubstantiation. I am a god, The Prim is a god, I am in The Prim and I manifest through Transubstantiation. from soror Nishsi's description
There's no way to replicate the experience of seeing the work in the actual space through images or video, so I encourage you to go there and see it in person. Nevertheless, I was inspired to shoot some video and create another retro-future, Nusrat-powered machinima.


sororNishi said...

So glad you enjoyed it, Botgirl. Great video.

Cisop Sixpence said...

Been there, done that... (well I didn't dance like that), and enjoyed it greatly. I love art work that you can walk/fly around, catch it from all angles, so much better than just a picture. Certainly a must see and experience event.