Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shadowplay: The Serendipity of Second Life Creativity

I was going over some old machinima and found this short music video from November 2008. It's a good example of the serendipity of Second Life creativity.

The idea was born at the grand opening of Night Morissey's short-lived art gallery. When I arrived, I noticed that a few avatars were completely black. Black skin. Black hair. Black eyes. No visible textures. Living shadows. It looked really cool! At first, I thought it was some new fashion trend I'd missed. But after a few conversations with no one knowing what the hell I was talking about, I finally realized the effect was from an odd viewer glitch.

The look was so striking that I decided to come back later that day and shoot some video. Of course, the "problem" corrected itself when I logged back in. Fortunately, after a bit of experimentation, I figured out I could duplicate the effect by creating skin, hair and eyes with flat black textures. Night popped online when I was ready to start shooting so I invited her to participate. I didn't have anything in mind beyond capturing the effect, but The Muse was with us and a little story emerged out of the black:

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