Monday, March 7, 2011

@rodvik Doesn't Follow Me On Twitter (Maybe He Should) - MUSIC VIDEO

The ongoing @rodvik (Linden Lab CEO) name-dropping craze on Twitter has been wild to watch over the last couple of months. A recent spike focusing on the topic of Second Life Forum gamification made me wonder what it must look like from his end of the stream.

Saturday afternoon, I got the idea of trying to build a song from some of the tweets. I dumped the last few days' @rodvik references into GhostReader, exported a voice track into GarageBand and started cutting, pasting and playing with loops. The "@rodvick doesn't follow me on Twitter, maybe he should" tweet from @SkateFoss emerged as the obvious hook and chorus, and I had a finished song in a few of hours.

Of course, the idea of doing a video popped into my mind. The problem was that given my time constraints over the next few weeks, I didn't see how I could pull it off. But I really, really wanted to release something today. So Sunday morning, I picked a Crazy Talk character template, imported the vocal track and had it crank out an end-to-end automated lip sync. After dumping it into iMovie, it became painfully obvious that there was something missing. So I cut in some dance and band machinima from past projects, added a comic template and had this finished version by mid-afternoon. Here's what I ended up with: 


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Love it! Made me laugh a lot.

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Superb!! :D

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Superb!! (Second attempt to post..blogger seems to be eating up my comments tonight..)