Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Which Free T-Shirt Will You Choose for Your Avatar?

Human Inside: Bevan Whitfield
Bevan Whitfield
No Human Inside Botgirl
Botgirl Questi

Two last identity t-shirts.
This time, for your avatar to wear.

For augmentationists,
download the "human inside" shirt template texture here.
As modeled by Bevan Whitfield.

For immersionists,
you can grab the "no human inside"
version here.

Upload your choice to Second Life and use it for the fabric of a new shirt.

Or design your own shirt
 using this tutorial.


R. said...

Will it fit dragons?


Anonymous said...

*grin* I LIKE these shirts you've been creating. I think my shirt might say "Me Inside". I'll have to think on it.

Chestnut Rau said...

I am a little disappointed to see the tired old immersionists vs. augmentationists debate in t shirt form. Haven't deepened our understanding and thinking on this issue over the years?

I guess its hard to capture a continuum on a t-shirt.

Botgirl Questi said...

Crap: Probably won't fit dragons :) Non-human attire is a bit beyond my skill.

ahuva: I like that. Or "We Inside"

Chestnut: There is no human inside of an avatar, is there? Maybe if we zoom in really, really closely?

That's the point of the series of shirt-based identity metaphors I've been playing around with over the last few days. By trying on one of the shirts for size and noticing what thoughts pop up, it is possible to break out of our habitual ways of perceiving identities for a moment and perceive our avatar/human relationship in a new context. Plus, it's fun!

DeNovo Broome said...

I would have to wear both, or neither. And I'm not entirely sure that I'm comfortable with the term "human."

I'm taken by ahuva18's comment: "Me Inside."

When I'm in SL, I'm "me" there. And if I'm in a completely different context, the expression of "me" may be different enough that it might be more reasonable to think of that "me" as someone else.