Thursday, December 23, 2010

Murder or Suicide?

Murder or Suicide

"Was it murder or suicide?" Botgirl asked, as much to herself as to her new partner (who was who knows where at the other end of the conversation).

"Don't be so dramatic" Majic replied, "For all we know she's sitting on a beach somewhere sipping a cold drink."

"Well, she's vanished off the face of the multiverse without a clue," Botgirl typed with stacatto clicks. "So she's as good as dead here."

"That's a narcissistic way to look at it, isn't it?" Majic half-teased.

"Maybe," Botgirl sighed, gazing into space. "Which is why I ask, Was it murder or suicide?"

Thanks to Crap Mariner for 100 Word Story inspiration.

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Lalo Telling said...

In German, the word is Selbstmord; lit. "self-killing".

The answer to your question may be "Yes."