Saturday, December 4, 2010

Botgirl Strips

Strip 1

Please excuse the misleading headline. I wrote it to illustrate the use of a teaser headline, which is a common tactic bloggers use to increase traffic to a post. There was a pretty active discussion on Twitter yesterday around SLebrity and one thread focused on the impact of a perceived audience on a creator's works, including blogging. In what ways, if any, do we dilute, color or ignore our Muse's voice because we are afraid we might alienate or bore our audience. And do we sometimes end up chasing our idea of what our audience wants instead of listening to the small still voice within.

Strip 2

These strips were created with iPhone software, inspired by an article I read yesterday on 3D Post Production. I often use iPhone and iPad software for sandbox projects. The bigger project this is leading to is a re-edited version of Night and Day Episode 1 that will use some post-production tricks and a new score to demonstrate the power of post in machinima production. I hope to have it out early next week.

Strip 3


Mera Kranfel said...

Wowsaaa this is so cool!! Love the pics!! =O

Salvatore Otoro said...

I can't wait to see what post-production will look like with the use of this software. The pictures look great.

sororNishi said...

Great headline, tho...:))

Joonie said...

so disappointing! ;) cool pics, bg