Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Second Life Name Game

Only time will tell whether the upcoming Second Life Display Names architecture will ultimately prove to be a wonderful source of endless possibilities or an ill-considered fiasco of fraud and griefing.  What I do know now is that one's name – in my case "Botgirl Questi" – is the single essential vehicle for Transworld identity.

Through the consistent use of a name I can extend a recognizable identity across whatever forms I choose to take and throughout the many virtual platforms I inhabit. Although my avatar looks very different in Twinity, IMVU, Second Life and Twitter, my unique name allows people to connect the dots and recognize me in whatever form or world we meet.

So I suspect that most people are going to continue to use a consistent name within Second Life, regardless of the relative freedom the Display Names offer. My guess is that the extra names will be used more for fun, name accessorizing and pseudo-alting.  Although the image isn't clear, when I peer into my crystal ball it looks like the Display Name change will eventually fade into the status quo mist of all of the controversial changes before it.

I'll leave you with this musical meditation on the fluidity of naming:


Lalo Telling said...

Botgirl Botgirl bo Botgirl
banana fanna fo Fotgirl
fee fi mo Motgirl

sororNishi said...

my only ongoing objection is to be soror.nishi rather than soror annoyance pales into insignificance compared to AM Radio who will henceforth be which has quite a different feel to it.

Botgirl Questi said...

Not to mention poor

Anonymous said...

I agree with your crystal ball.

Wish I had the name "Dot.Dot"