Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FriendsHangout Launches Virtual World Builder That Runs in Your Browser

FriendsHangout launched their Virtual World Builder today. It uses the Unity 3D platform, so it runs right in your browser. They have a small virtual goods store and a developers program. Avatars can be created with Evolver and then exported to FriendsHangout.

I didn't have much time to do more than create an initial world, try out the terraforming and add a few items, but you can check it out here as a guest, or view this short video.


Roberto said...

FriendsHangout looks so cool. I started playing around with there new editor tools and building any kind of scene is so easy to. There's so many cool models to choose from easy to have to much fun with this. Thanks for the video on this, very cool.

Dale Innis said...

Wild! Looks better than I expected. Did you notice there is a purple monkey following you around?

Still a fascinating open question whether a "developer's program" can lead to anything like the explosive and synergistic user-content growth that actual inworld open building does in SL. For my own ideological reasons I'm sort of hoping not. :) But it will be interesting to watch...

P.S. You must be famous, you're attracting fake astroturf postings now, just like Amazon! :)

Iggy O said...

Impressive. I'm hoping someone at Linden Lab is watching.

And paying attention.