Monday, June 21, 2010

"Dolls for Decency" Response to Nude Barbie Ban in Second Life

Dolls for Decency

The original post can be found on Joonie's Journal.


Stacy Passell said...

Welp. I've dealt with the PR dept. at LL several times, and yes, have been asked specifically not to talk to the press about 'sex' when I give SL-related interviews. The problem SL faces is now beyond the media crying "SEX" every time SL is mentioned. The problem is that countries like the one I live in (australia) are starting to question if SL might be a bit too pornographic. Not nekkid barbies, mind you, but even harder things for the public to swallow like furry sex. It is entirely possible that SL is going to run into trouble with this, and in fact could eventually be filtered and blocked. Even if we think it's silly, it would seem governments don't.

Eli Schlegal said...

Pee Wee Herman reporting on perversion is sort of like Arnold Palmer reporting on golf.

Michele Hyacinth said...

Sad to say, but the "scrubbing" of SL is often engaged in most heavily by the community first, LL second.

Fashion police, Bling police, neko and furry police. Thought police. Self-appointed morality officers.

"We have met the enemy and he is us."

I know a community of Uncommon Thinkers can do alot better than that.

Sally Caves said...

There are far worse things than furry sex on SL, but you have to look for it to get your face rubbed in it. ;) But wait... isn't this just like Real Life?

Barbie was banned not because of her plastic nudity, in my opinion, but because it protested another build that the "morality police," represented by one inarticulate avatar, was referring to when he mentioned "pedifilia." That build was a true work of Uncommon Art that was wildly misunderstood. Pedophiles aren't "bred" in Second Life. They come in already pedophiles, and EVERYTHING gives them ideas. That's why they are pedophiles. They have an unhealthy sexual addiction that suppressing nudes is not going to fix. And there's no way you can molest a painting.

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