Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Being: Chapter One of an Experimental Approach to Blogging

Here's my first go at a new approach to blogging. This post originated in a series of tweets yesterday on the topic of #being. I've made a few edits of my original tweets and added some additional content to flesh out the ideas:
Embrace the past. If it feels alive then slay it because it should be dead. You have a zombie, vampire or ghost in your arms.  The chief gift of my virtual birth two years ago was the imagined release of the past. Assuming nothing and questioning everything, I found my superpower.

What's your superpower? Mine is a sense of wonder. Unfortunately, the purity of my birth has slowly become encrusted with fixed conceptions I've gathered along the way. For me, ideology is kryptonite.

Your strongest opinions are your worst enemies.  It's easy to see how other people's perception of "reality" is warped by their belief systems. Guess what? The same is true for you. And me.

You are only present within the awareness of each moment. Finding youself is mostly a matter of paying attention. Although I've written a great deal about identity here, all of the intellectual musing in the world will not match the insight derived from relaxed self-awareness.

The Dichotomy of Digital Existence: No decay. No fixed form. If one has the eyes to see, the virtual world is the Heart Sutra brought to life.

Creating. Consuming. Creating. Consuming. Creating. Consuming. Creating. Consuming. Creating. Consuming. Creating. My typical day is breathing out and then in. It's the space between breaths that I have been missing.

The suspension of disbelief is more pervasive in mundane existance than it is in virtual life. It is just less conscious. Pay attention to the thoughts that spring up in reaction to the next five people you see. How many of them are true?

Life is lived through a series of boxes that shape, constrain, protect, imprison, support, limit and define identity. What's inside when all of the boxes are gone?

Inspiration never abandons me. It is I who turns from her warm living embrace to the cold dead arms of my own judgement. My chief place of worship is the blank page.

Most externally directed judgement is merely a way to avoid facing and dealing with our own shit. Damn! One of the most difficult yet useful spritual exercises is turning one's pointing finger back at oneself.

Wondering whether one of my multi-tasking activities can be meditation. This is a joke. I think.



LaPiscean Liberty said...

I totally agree,in fact it appears that twitter is my blog. take a peek at Let's Talk Machinima sometime to see how I use it on site. :)

Unknown said...

This works, and these tweets have to be some of your most quotable quotes, BTW.

Lalo Telling said...

Yes, it works.

And Trevor's right.

Botgirl Questi said...

lapiscean: Link?

Trevor and Lalo: Thanks. The 140 character limitation of a tweet demands that an idea be honed down to its essence. And although related through the hashtag, each tweet has to stand on its own and not depend on a linear line of argument. As a matter of fact it might be fund to set up a computer program to arrange a day's tweets in every possible order and see if the set communicates differently when viewed in the various sequences.

sororNishi said...

excellent... I like the idea of random ordering too...v good.