Saturday, May 29, 2010

Additional Chart Views of Anthropic-Avatarian Continuum

In the original chart, the labels in the boxes were meant to be a handy way to track and discuss how groups of people tended more towards one quadrant or the other. The charts below are each an example of how a particular person's activities and relationships can be examined, using the same basic paradigm. 

The main conceptual addition in this draft is an axis that tracks how significant a relationship or activity is to the individual in question. For example, casual acquaintances versus close friends, or shopping versus art creation. 

The other axis tracks how independent each activity or relationship is from human identity. A relationship on the left might be a RL co-worker or family member. The far right would include those who have no knowledge of RL identity. The circles tagging activities and relationships takes the place of the quantity axis in the original chart.

I was planning to work on this idea more and still haven't got around to it. But after the New World Notes reference yesterday, I thought it made sense to move them here to address the new comments there.

Please send any suggestions for the next draft, including links to images.

Anthropic Example

Avatarian Example

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