Thursday, April 8, 2010

Twinity Marketing Sheds Interesting Light on Second Life

Twinity Two

Twinity One

These emails from Twinity arrived at the same time this morning. The top version came to me; the second went to Fourworlds.

As you can see, they are either doing A/B mail testing (evaluating two or more versions by splitting them within a mailing list), or using different versions that target specific attributes, such as avatar gener, geography, etc. Although the body of the emails are identical, the headline and opening blocks each feature a unique offer.

These are way more mainstream-targeted than even the most "I want my avatar to look like me" advertising for Second Life:
Have more fun with your friends – with all new pair animations! For the first time we will have new animations that can be performed with another Twinizen! Let your avatar give a gift to another Twinzen and see the reaction! Meet up at a party and do a turn of the Tango together! Even for more passionate moments, we have something in stock, from just holding hands, kissing under mistletoe to even more private moments. From Twinity News
And they're billing the two-wheeled Segway as "The Evolution of Movement":
Evolution of Movement: after the ripping success of the skateboard, we upping the ante with a more modern and sophisticated form of transportation! The Zach, a self-balancing upright electro vehicle will be the whole new way to ride. Move through the city, in a regal position while enjoying the envious looks of others! From Twinity News
So for all the flack we give Linden Lab for giving up its anything-goes youth, Second Life still presents one of the most open and flexible virtual world options. For now, anyway.


Lalo Telling said...

Gender stereotyping? (send the female the hug banner; the male, the vehicle...)

And someone at Twinity needs to proofread their banners: "Anamiations," oy!

Peter Stindberg said...

My money is on A/B testing. Standard practice in bulk emailing.