Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surfing Realities Through Juxtaposition of Physical and Virtual

My ongoing reading of Marshall McLuhan has shed a lot of light recently on my own artistic work and inspired a new project. I'm going to share a few relevant quotes here, along with insights they sparked:
The hybrid or meeting of two media is a moment of truth and revelation from which new form is born. Marshall McLuhan
I've been led to combine elements from virtual and physical worlds since the beginning of my artistic life. After two years, I'm just beginning to appreciate the potential of such juxtapositions to reveal aspects of the psychological process of reality-creation that would otherwise be invisible. For instance, each primary element in the image above includes not only the entity itself (doll, keyboard, your's truly, etc.) but also the environment that we typically associate it with. The context of each component sheds light on the others.
One sure way to perceive the structure of any situation easily is to reverse its figure/ground relationship. Marshall McLuhan
Botgirl and the Living Dead Doll is an example of how the mere visual fusion of normally disparate element can shift a viewer's consciousness through the gates of multiple fourth walls. One revelation for me that was uncovered through this multidimensional setting was the role of the computer screen as both window and barrier.
New archetype is old cliché writ large. Marshall McLuhan
I'm starting on a new project that will extend what I began in the Living Dead Doll video by combining the cliché of individual character forms in ways that will reveal the underlying archetypal energies. My plan is to take a transmedia approach that includes multiple mediums such as comics, video and photography.

So please stay tuned.

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Sowa Mai's dog said...

I didn't fully realize (and probably still don't ) the ramifications of that clever video. I wonder if html on a prim is an example of the two mediums informing each other. Sure they can be lumped in to one medium just as paint and chalk could be but they are two seperate mediums. Flash and SL. Bringing paintings in to sl. video streams, music. One of my favorite examples of the effect is William Kentridge's Jpurney to the Moon,
or my own don't blink rl/sl mix of Krblin Jihn Kabin.