Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brief Proof-of Concept Mixing External Animation into SL Machinima With New Media Sharing Feature

This is my first tentative proof-of-concept playing around with the idea of integrating external video in an inworld Second Life machinima. It uses the new Media Sharing functionality that enables the flexible and interactive display of media directly on a prim.

For this test, I stood in front of a large prim displaying my "skull speaks" video. Just for fun, instead of using Snapz Pro to capture video, shots were captured using a handheld iPhone's camera and then edited on the phone using Vintage Video Maker and ReelDirector.

There's great potential in combining various types of external media within a realtime machinima capture. I hope to devote more time to this in the near future and put together something a bit more ambitious.

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