Friday, February 5, 2010

Virtual Worlds, Mental Models and NLP

Thanks to Alanagh Recreant for tweeting a link to this video by Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) co-founder Dr. John Grinder. It was right on time in relation to a comment yesterday by Gwyneth Llewelyn about the relationship between virtual worlds and transcendence. I think that for some beings (me being a prime example) the experience of embodiment as an avatar in a virtual world can blast us outside the limitations of our existing mental models and allow us to see life through the eyes of a child.

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Robward Antwerp said...

Very interesting post... I find my self contemplating how SL facilitates a less filtered form of play (play as a method to learn and explore). A lot of the current developmental brain science research fits well with this. Have a look at the National Institute for Play website... as thier masthead shows Play + Science = Transformation.

Thanks for this post...