Monday, February 1, 2010

The Joy of Being Easily Amused

Avatars Somewhat United
After the big Linden Lab acquisition announcement, the deluge of friending announcements on Avatars United drowned out the smattering of status reports and blog posts on the Activity Feed.  In the absence of external stimulation, Evil Botgirl Questi made a brief blog entry and the rest of the gang chimed in with comments over the course of the day: 
Evil Botgirl Questi: The lack of avatar name validation has freed me to finally emerge and take my rightful place as the "real" Botgirl Questi. And you're next, Botgirl Linden!

Supergirl Barbie Questi: Give it your best shot, evil one. I will kick your butt all over the metaverse, if the DMCA doesn't catch up with me first.

Botgirl Questi: I don't need your help, Super-bitch. You have a lot of nerve using my last name.

Botgirl Linden: Okay, enough out of all you! Evil Botgirl, I do not see you in the official Second Life data base, so you will be banned as soon as our lawyers can rewrite the TOS here to account for your anti-social behavior.

Botgirl Linden: And Supergirl, you are violating the sacred DC Comic copyright. Just because we let someone in Second Life sell you a costume with their infringing logo doesn't mean you can display it here. Although Sweden is pretty lax when it comes to that sort of thing, AU is now owned by a US company. Lose your clothes or lose your membership!

Botgirl Questi: Oh yeah, Botgirl "Linden". Just because you are registered as a Linden on an OpenSim grid, doesn't mean you have the authority of a REAL Linden here or in the MotherShipSL. Pipe down before I post those photos of you and M.

Evil Botgirl Questi: That's right, non-evil Botgirl. Now you see how my devious cohorts and I can use Avatars United to throw the virtual world into an uproar. You will never be able to decipher the real from the fake. Your cognitive capacity will be overwhelmed by the bevy of lindens, prokofys, craps and hamlets that assault your stream and distort your mental models. Before you know it, you won't even know who YOU are.

Supergirl Barbie Questi: Non-evil, Non-super and Pseudo-Linden Botgirls: You're all just jealous because I'm cuter than the rest of you and have a much slimmer waistline.

Evil Botgirl Questi: You are so pathetic, Girl of Steel (abs). If you're so GOOD, why are you so proud of promoting an unrealistic female body image?
Postscript. Announcement on top of Avatars United home page today:  Due to the increased load on the site we're only showing status updates in the feed. Please bear with us while we work on improving performance



Raven Haalan said...

Hahahahaha! So Lewis Carroll. Brilliant.

sororNishi said...

excellent....thats my kinda social media..... Unite!!