Friday, January 22, 2010

Mixed Reality International Art Exhibition Will Focus on Ambiguity of Identity

(shot of planning meeting yesterday)

After almost a year of conceptual incubation, we're finally breaking (virtual) ground on the mixed-reality "Ambiguity of Identity' Exhibition in preparation for an April 7th opening. The multi-artist show will be housed in a new "Museum of Transworld Identity" which will cover an entire Second Life Sim. The exhibition will be accessible on large screen displays in physical world galleries located in Boston, Milan and Amsterdam.

The exhibition is part of The Virtual Art Initiative, an organization of artists, writers, musicians, and scholars who are using the immersive and interactive digital media of such virtual worlds as Second Life to develop new forms of artistic content. Artists participating in this show include Sabrinaa Nightfire, FreeWee Ling, Gracie Kendal, Chrome Underwood, Fuschia Nightfire,  Pete Jiminy, marnie Reinard and Yours Truly.

One aspect of this show that makes it especially interesting for me is the chance to work with other artists who have been exploring identity in their art, including its projection into multiple worlds.  For instance, Gracie Kendal has recently embarked on a series of comics exploring conversations between her human and avatar selves.

I'll post follow-ups between now and the opening to introduce you to the other artists and provide some previews of the work that will be displayed. Stay tuned!



Robward Antwerp said...
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Robward Antwerp said...

Thanks Botgirl… this is of course fascinating. Having been a resident of SLsince 2006… I find myself wondering if there is some sort of ‘typical’ (or a range of typical) responses to the ‘identity ambiguity/challenge/freedom’ that SL exposes us to. I know my reactions to it have varied over time. I look forward to keeping up with this and visiting the exhibition when it opens.