Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coaching Human For Today's Panel Discussion (Comic)

Coaching Human

Jan 5, 3:00-4:30 PM PST
Rockcliffe University  : Inside the Avatar Studio
Corrimal Hall, Rockcliffe X

The visual appeal of the movie “Avatar” has taken away the breath of just about everyone who has seen the film. The movie is an ultimate example of a graphic novel brought to life.

Please join us as our panelists discuss which implications “Avatar” will have as virtual worlds continue to gain traction and what future avatars may gain from the stunning futuristic vision James Cameron has offered up… Inside The Avatar Studio.

This event will be filmed live by Stuart Warf of Rezzed TV.

Facilitated by Phelan Corrimal/Kevin Feenan - Dean of Rockcliffe University

  • Beyers Sellers/Robert Bloomfield - Metanomics Host, Cornell University
  • Dirk Talamasca - Virtual Real Estate Developer, Builder
  • Doubledown Tandino - Social media marketing, Second Life specialist, music, and DJ
  • fourworlds Ra. Botgirl Questi’s human alt - A beautiful thought experiment personified through the imagined perspective of a self-aware avatar.

Thoughts on How The Avatar Film Relates to Avatars in Virtual Worlds by Botgirl Questi -

I Saw Avatar Today by Doubledown Tandino -

James Cameron’s Avatar is about Transhumanism

Avatar Review : Yes it Changed Everything

Understanding Interaction in Virtual Worlds

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Unknown said...

Excellent discussion!! Brilliant points of view from all sides were portrayed.

I'm looking forward to the video recording.