Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Transworlders Quick Look HD: Reaction Grid

This quick look at Reaction Grid is the first in a series of one minute fly-throughs of alternative Virtual Worlds. Although their web site is in desparate need of an Information Designer, it has a great deal of information once you wade through the menus. Here are some quick links:

Free User Account Registration
Log in Instructions
Web Store

Reaction Grid is a serious player in the OpenSim grid space, with a focus on education, enterprise and consumer markets. A number of high profile Second Life residents and organizations have projects on the grid including Wizard Gynoid, iLIVEsl and Jokaydia, as well as Microsoft.

This video is just a fast fly-over intended primarily to tempt SLers who haven't yet made it off-world to another grid to give it a try. For a more detailed tour, check out this post from Shockwave Plasma.


iliveisl said...

holy cow! i am so honoured! yes, we are in Reaction Grid and starting off slowly (more out of lack of time, we still have our 12 sims that I, ahem subQuark, run on my own - plus we both have websites we are building for clients over the holidays)

but Reaction Grid is working so far. a very different experience without in-world currency and the lack of so many goods as you have isl

we are in there as resellers meaning we are able to sell grids w/o mentioning that they are hosted by Reaction Grid. so our little grid is all isolated and alone. soon we will allow hypergridding though

Reaction Grid is squarely aimed at educational and business use and the team there - Kyle, Robin, and Chris - are forging ahead with so many projects

two weeks back, we got to see the facebook login to a Unity 3D connection to OpenSim. that was pretty exciting, no need to create an account and no need for a client. that makes a lot of sense because in the real world there may be someone with the same real name a few times over (lol, like subquark who is David Miller! only a million with his name out there)

Unity 3D is a small plugin like the Flash player, so you use your browser and have fewer corporate firewall issues

they are also working on mobile device access, something i would love for second life as an estate owner

BUT - it is still far off from being second life, many little bugs (i cover a few on my blog) and issues regarding copying other people's creations (if you hypergrid to our grid, as soon as you land, our server has a full copy of your inventory which could be exploited if we were so inclined - or smart enough)

neat idea on a series Botgirl (but then . . . Botgirl is pretty together on this sort of thing)

iliveisl said...

btw, nice job on the video! it's lovely - what do you typically do to film? we use Fraps and set antialias to 2x (for sl) or up to 8X (for rg)