Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear John Letter To My Human And That No-Talent Bitch

Caught in the Act

Dear Soon To Be My Ex-Human,

This stupid comic of yours is the last straw! Get this straight: I'm the freaking muse in the family.

I humored your little fantasy at first. When you sent over the costume and asked me to flaunt myself in a Tabloid, I gritted my teeth and smiled for the photo. Surely, you'd soon come to your senses and realize how utterly clich├ęd her character was.

But no. You had to keep pushing it farther and farther. A virtual Supergirl wasn't enough, so you went and got yourself a mail order Supergirl Barbie. How pathetic! You just wouldn't let it go:
"Botgirl, let's photoshop an image of you and Supergirl Barbie. It will be fun!"

"Botgirl, let's make a video with Supergirl Barbie. It will be really cute!"

"Botgirl, let's use the Barbie World song in the video of your Cherrybomb band's photo sesion."
And now you're publishing a comic with that air-headed plastic has-been instead of me? Enough!

I'm drawing the line. It's her or me. You're not the only human in the world. There are plenty of air-breathers who would be thrilled to throw their stupid dolls in the trash for the chance to have Botgirl Questi as their muse.

So what's it going to be?

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