Thursday, November 19, 2009

Botgirl Questi Beats Philip Rosedale's LoveMachine To Market With Low-Tech Solution

If reports are right, Second Life founder Philip Rosedale's LoveMachine start-up will be creating some sort of reputation currency for businesses. The currently two-man operation has a cool logo, a couple of entries on their blog and are offering a bounty of $50 (at least it's not L$50) for a design stratgy for iPhone application configuration management.

I wish them well, but have come up with a low-tech strategy for employee motivation that I can start delivering next week:

*** Princess Barbie Reward Stickers ***

Despite my inherently digital nature and hatred of that bitch Supergirl Barbie, truth is, nothing says "we appreciate you" like a Disney sticker, as the product blurb says:
A fantastic set of 400+ Disney Princess Stickers for your child or school children employees when it comes time to make them feel special for that big accomplishment or just for a rainy day when they have nothing else to do.
I've got a line on a wholesale source of books and am confident that companies will be very receptive to this warm-and-fuzzy way to reward their workers for a job well done!

Sorry Philip. Better luck next time!

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