Sunday, November 15, 2009

Avatars Everywhere

After playing around for a few weeks with extending myself into the Physical World, it seems the time is right for a little campaign to socialize the idea that avatars aren't just for virtual spaces. Every campaign needs a slogan, I thought "Avatars Everywhere" expressed the concept nicely.

Here's a draft of a video to promote the idea.

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Caliburn Susanto said...

Where I work my Second Life addiction is well-known and of interest to some people so I occasionally share pictures and exploits.

I'm participating (as you are) in the 365 Days daily portrait meme and posting a new picture daily. A recent one was of me, as an angel in a cathedral, flying from the alter wielding a sword. (

So I show this to a friend of mine at work and his response was, "Oh, so I thought you had black hair. Have you decided to be a full-time blond now?" [sigh] People who don't have avatars just have no concept of them. It doesn't "click."

But it will have to. I agree with Philip's seminar statement of "You're going to have to get an avatar eventually, whether you like it or not."