Sunday, September 6, 2009

A New Blogroll Strategy

Web of Second Life Related Blogs
The image was created with Touchgraph and visualizes some of the links between Second Life-related blogs.

After removing my out of date Blogroll a few weeks ago, I've finally added a new version to the sidebar. The prior list was created from a feed Zoe Connolly compiled over a year ago that included almost every Second Life-related blog that was active at that time.

The new version includes only a small number of blogs that I follow closely and displays just the five most recent posts from that group.
My hope is that this new approach will be of more consistent value to most readers.

I also added a link to Second Effects' full list of Second Life-related blogs for those who would like to browse the entire SL Blogosphere. (The Second Effects list raking is based on Technorati Authority, which recently removed blogroll links in its ranking calculations. It will be interesting to see how the new numbers impact the SL list the next time ArminasX revises it.)

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ArminasX said...

Hah1 That's *IF* I do that survey again. It was a ton of work. OK, OK, maybe in the Spring, but I'll need some help.