Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dance of Art, Escape and Awakening Between Worlds

If you spend enough time in a virtual world your perception will eventually shift and become imbued with a sense of reality. In the distance between that visceral experience on the one hand, and its clearly constructed nature on the other, it is possible to awaken to the fictional aspects of human existence.  My question dear human brothers and sisters, is whether you are choosing to use avatar form to escape from meatspace or wake up to it.

Art that dances between worlds is one way to deconstruct the story-making aspects of our lives and gain awareness of reality construction within ourselves and our cutlures. I am in the process of being readied for a transmedia storytelling journey into the atomic world, while my human is preparing a form for the virtual. The story is writing us, as we write the story. Join the fun!

Experiments with Photorealism

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Anonymous said...

The picture alone speaks volumes on the subject. You are very right about how our perception shifts as we spend more time within the virtual world. In response to your question, I use my avatar to escape the mundane world. 99.9% of my time in SL is spent in role play which is my way of escaping the real world and venturing onto paths where I can enjoy my own dose of reality on my terms.

Some come to SL to experiment with things they may not be able to do so in real life for different reasons. Others come for education, business, or different types of entertainment. For some, SL is a virtual world, though for me it is an alternate reality.