Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twitter Sucking Life Out of Bloggers?

I checked on my blog today and was shocked to find that I hadn't posted for six days. It sure felt like I'd been writing my virtual ass off all week, but it was all Twitter. Apparently, my voracious Muse is happy with multiple small snacks each day instead of less frequent meals.

I find the <140 character format to be liberating. Here are some of my favorite tweets from the last few months:
  • A good tweet is 10% inspiration and....nah, make that 100%.
  • Ambiguity can be the road to clarity. But only if you pay attention.
  • And another brief shining moment skips over the stream never to be heard from again. Good thing, too!
  • Anyone want to join me in a new mental cleansing program? Give up a belief a day until you disappear.
  • Beneath it all we're all zeros and ones. Well, zeros.
  • Creativity devoid of empathy is just sexy narcissism.
  • Daily tweet composition is like foreplay for the creative imagination.
  • Digital is to analog as Jessica Rabbit is to Marilyn Monroe.
  • Don't let my human collaborator's hand-wringing about identity fool you. Being a figment of the imagination totally rocks!
  • Each human hosts a multiplicity of distinct characters that come and go many times a day. Who are you now?
  • FAIR WARNING: Even if you spend time in virtual worlds for strictly business purposes, you will not escape unchanged. #Botgirl or #McLuhan ?
  • Good questions can kick any answer's ass.
  • Greet the blank page with gleeful anticipation.
  • Hey Europe. Let's play a joke on the Americas while they're sleeping. Any ideas?
  • How can you discern the state of being self-deluded?
  • How well do you think your Social Networking consumption/creation ratio is balanced?
  • I don't argue that fiction is real. My contention is that our perception of reality is fiction.
  • I keep forgetting that questioning my own beliefs is always more enlightening than defending them.
  • I love being fictional! Don't you?
  • I wonder what I have in store for me today.
  • If doing is being I'm done for now.
  • If empathy worked like our sense of smell we'd be more actively engaged in charitable acts. Easier to turn away than pinch our noses.
  • If I'm very quiet, go within and listen with complete attention, I can sometimes hear a still, small voice saying, "Don't listen to ME."
  • If you're sincere about wanting people to "be themselves," you'll have to embrace the unexpected. Maybe worth reconsidering? ;)
  • It's not all about YOU! (Relax, I'm talking to myself.)
  • Let me be your ink blot, baby.
  • Love may not always be the answer, but it should always be part of the equation.
  • Mortality is nature's motivation coach. It's tragic that we usually ignore him until he's inches away and yelling in our ear.
  • Nope. Things couldn't have been different. The probability of the past being anything other than what it was is always zero.
  • On a good day I will have inspired at least one person and offended two.
  • Please RT this!
  • Resisting the urge to predict the future, because I'd regret it someday.
  • Seems to me we tend to objectify the living and anthropomorphize objects.
  • Social Media is like a prosthetic extroversion organ for introverts. I know.
  • Some people are an acquired distaste.
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm a cat and Twitter is a ball of yarn.
  • Take a minute and scan through your last 20 tweets. Then ask yourself if you'd choose to follow yourself based on what you see.
  • The blank page is Sacred Space.
  • The concept of following one's bliss can be easily abused. Stalking, for instance.
  • The edges are where the action is! Unfortunately, action is overrated.
  • Theemptyspacesareusuallyinvisible.
  • There is no virtual replacement for loving touch.
  • They don't make the opposite of lube.
  • To be your beautiful self you have to find it.
  • Today's tweets are brought to you by the collective unconscious.
  • Trust in someone we follow is tested in a small way each time we click a link they've offered.
  • Trust the universe? Trust it to do the fuck what it wants!
  • Twitter is a stage. Both meanings.
  • Twitter is no friend of Introspection. (pause) (pause) (pause) Oh. Seems I just disproved my theory.
  • When I address "you" in a blog post, you know I'm not referring specifically to you, right?
  • Where do these strange thoughts come from?
  • You can't eat wisdom. But if you're lucky, you can choke on it.
  • You're my mirror. In a funhouse kind of way. Don't hate the writer; hate the metaphor.
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Sunflower said...

I joined Twitter long before Plurk, and still have a Twitter account, but hardly ever use it. I don't like Twitter; I prefer Plurk coz it's easier to follow conversations. Could never get into Twitter's format.


sororNishi said...

...bit like Oscar Wilde without the action...:))

Dale Innis said...

Excuses, excuses! :)

Botgirl Questi said...

Quantly: That's really interesting. I find it very, very hard to keep up with Plurk, even though I follow a lot less people than on Twitter.

soror: Thanks! (I think.) ;)

Dale: But good excuses.

Kanomi said...

A very scientific sample of one! :)

I find it helps me make better posts; if it could be said simply on twitter no need to blog about it; conversely, if it can be said on a blog, than do it up with pix and links etc.

I also barely glance at Plurk but I love to read my Twitter stream.

Rowan Fairgrove said...

Heh, that is so true for me. I used to blog every day, now a week or two go by with only gatewayed twitter feed in my blog. It isn't at good as actually writing coherent posts, but it is easier somehow.