Friday, June 26, 2009

Botgirl Lives TweetStory 005

If you're coming in late, the story starts here

After her nightly hour of Tai Chi, a hot shower and a bowl of Ramen, Serena sat at her desk to work on her own secret project.

Tonight she was finally ready to activate the modeling routines that would hopefully wake up her digital twin.

As a second-generation Digital Native and off-the-scales genius, Serena had been playing around with AI since she was five.

Although recruited for her uncanny skill in designing Turing personas, Serena's passion was her quest to create true sentience.

So a promise of access to top-secret brain scanning tech had overcome her initial reluctance to leave academia for the black op.

It took her a month of late night hacking to set up a backdoor into the project super-computer that would hide her personal use.

Last week she'd spoofed a "diagnostic test" that let her secretly scan and store her own brain, nervous system and body data.

She said a silent prayer to Asimov, launched a modded Sims 6 game for cover and then tunneled in and typed "Botgirl Lives."

The story continues here.

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