Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Botgirl Lives TweetStory 004

If you're coming in late, the story starts here

FIVE YEARS AGO. Serena Mason knocked the last of the attackers to the ground and ended the fight with a kill strike to his throat

"I think the haptics are right," she said. "The feel of Don's ribcage caving in was totaly satisfying. Was it good for you, Don?"

"It hurt like hell," the big Marine replied. "And It WAS good for me. When can we get this out of the lab and into the field?"

"I'm just the girl-genius contractor," she smirked. "They keep me too busy with impossible lab puzzles to worry about deployment."

"This whole fucking place is so locked down and need-to-know that I'm surprised they have a sign on the men's room door."

"What makes you think there's a bathroom behind that door," Don replied with a wink. "Could be our clandestine drug trial lab."

"Who needs drugs? The system can read and write our biochemistry like a book when we're jacked in. Drugs are for pussies."

"Where'd a nice girl get such a potty mouth?" asked Manny, the rotund project manager who was the designated adult on the team.

"Blame Anita Blake, Painkiller Jane and the rest of my kick-ass heroines. Being 13 at MIT didn't make for a rich social life."

"It's never too late to learn manners," said Manny. "And you're ten minutes away from the Red Zone, so jack out and call it a day."

"Let's bail then," Don said. "My wife would never forgive me if I got stuck in the virtual with a young piece of ass like Serena."

"No offense" - "None taken" - - - Serena felt her body jerk and opened her eyes in the underground bunker she now called home.

The story continues here.
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