Monday, May 11, 2009

HD Video Trailer for Upcoming "Urban Fantasy" genre Web Comic.

I've revived a long-dormant graphic novel project as an upcoming web comic. It's tentatively titled "Play or Prey." The series is an urban fantasy set in an alternative universe where various supernatural races have secretly shared the earth with humans throughout history.

The protagonist, Chance Hunter, is a twenty one year old woman who learned about her power to feed on men's sexual and emotional energy during an attack on her as a pubescent teen. She kept the assault and her power secret since that time, but is now trying to find out if there are others like her through post-graduate research at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

She satisfies her supernatural hunger and makes a luxurious living working as a dancer at the Olympic Garden, a Las Vegas strip club. The story opens with a murder of a man who had visited the club on the night of his death.

The first edition is slated for early summer. I put this trailer together as an early preview. You can stream below in near DVD-Quality blow or download the 720p version here.

Play or Prey (preview) from Botgirl Questi on Vimeo.

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