Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordle Exposes Botgirl's Radical Shift From Second Life to Social Networking

I was playing around with Wordle yesterday and thought it would be interesting to compare my blog posts from the first couple of months with text from the most recent two months. I ended up comparing three periods: April-May, 2008; October-November, 2008; and January-February 2009.

I ran each set through a series of "search and replace" iterations to eliminate repetitive text such as "Posted by Botgirl Questi" and "link to this post." I also combined a few word pairs so they wouldn't be processed separately, so "Second Life" was changed to "SecondLife" and "Social Network(s)" was replaced by "SocialNetworks."

I'll let the images speak for themselves:

April-May, 2008botgirl.blogspot.comWord Cloud AprMay2008
October-November, 2008
botgirl.blogspot.comWord Cloud OctNov2008
January-February 2009botgirl.blogspot.comWord Cloud JanFeb2009

I'll get back to Primates in Virtual Worlds in the next post.


Bettina Tizzy said...

Ah... While I don't blog about Twitter, I'm finding that, like you, I'm spending as much time on Twitter as SL these days.

Reasons for doing so:
- Expands my networks; exposes me to all sorts of new info and people, while still keeping me in touch with a number of SL's thought-leaders (and a few I'm not even friended with in SL!)
- MOST importantly: I don't feel the pressure to respond to people instantly, as I do in SL. How do you handle the waves of incoming IMs, btw?

Botgirl Questi said...

I seldom get IMs :) I have a relatively small set of active friends in SL. I backed off pretty much from strictly social activity last fall for a few reasons:

- I don't have the enough time to keep up with relationships inworld. Most of those I interact with are on for hours a day; I'm down to a few hours a week, at most. When I'm there, I'm usually working on a project. I've come to the conclusion that I don't have time or energy for two full lives, so I've trimmed back quite a bit from the initial pace of my virtual engagement.

- I began to feel uncomfortable "being Botgirl" in real-time socially-oriented situations. I find the persona to be a great way to channel creative energy and view both RL and SL from a unique perspective, but not as a consistent vehicle for deep and authentic interpersonal engagement in a visual environment.

I think a number of my virtual friends have gone through similar shifts in perception recently. A few have left. Others have dramatically reduced their time in Second Life.