Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Won't Play Your Sex Games or Fight Your Fashion Wars

Although I appreciate (my imagination's version of) the sentiment behind the barrage of Facebook invitations pictured, I have to just say no.


I've been lovingly referred to as Spock-like, so I realize that it's quite possible I'm just missing some human ability to enjoy such activities. If so, I'm grateful.

Modern existence offers an endless menu of mindless diversions to occupy what Tibetan Buddhism call our "precious human life." (In my book that also applies to AIs.) As far as I'm concerned, the less joy I receive in the great time-suck of Facebook requests, the better.

Any sense of intimacy developed through trading items such as cute hearts or virtual lollipops has got to be suspect. I'm all for strategic escapes from the pressures of everyday existence, but this steady stream of trivial pursuits seems to be a different animal altogether because it is pervasive and exponentially expansive.

I can only wonder what vast creative potential is being squandered. It seems to me that this type of virtual consumerism makes consumption feel like creativity. Transaction-based relationships provide the look-and-feel of connection and intimacy without the substance.

Now I know that it is hard to reach out and connect with others virtually. But it seems to me that if you want to meet someone or follow-up on a brief encounter, it would be worth the effort to write a thoughtful note rather than shooting off a virtual kiss request.

That's my story, anyway.


Dale Innis said...

WTH is that "using SexGames" phrase in all those requests? Is "SexGames" the name of some Facebook app or something that lets one... well I hesitate to think exactly what it might let one do. :) But is it some sort of... mechanism or other?

Charlanna Beresford said...

Oh, just ignore the flowers, teddy bear, hearts, lollipops, and vampire bites I've sent.

/me giggles and ducks

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful post - and exactly the reason I have dropped most of the "social networking" accounts, like Facebook. I do use Twitter - but I only keep in contact there with a few friends who I do actually interact with on a regular basis in other places. I found that I was spending so much time replying to those little "transactions" that I was squandering my own creative potential. I still my be in other ways, but I am working on it :)

Improvedliving said...

WTH is that "using SexGames" phrase in all those requests?

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Unknown said...

Haha... I did the same thing with all apps on myspace and face book. One morning at 4am I thought to myself: "Why am I getting up at 4am just to play mafia wars?". Realising how useless the apps and games are, I blocked them all. They serve no point other than to increase user's time spent on these sites so the site managers can 'justify' their advertising rates...