Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why I'm Happy Nightflower Left Second Life

My good friend and comic collaborator Night(flower) decided to commit virtual seppuku last week and is gone, gone, gone. I am very proud of her for taking that step. Like many people I know, Night had kept her virtual life secret from her spouse (and Night had a BIG virtual life.) Having spent many hours discussing the topic with her over the past year, I take her decision to leave and "finally unite the two halves " of herself as a giant step of integrity. So I'm very happy for her.

Here's a page from the comic we co-created back in September that prophetically foreshadowed her current action.
Night vs. Human 04


Rob / Mo said...

Botgirl, just have to say how much I love that comic. Seems simple but powerful. Really captures what so many go through in their (first) Second Life. Some return, but you really nail that emotion for so many.

Moggs Oceanlane said...


samlowry said...


samlowry said...

well let me see...: As an often user of "tools" softwares for going further in Sl let me guess what you use. Comic life, photoshop, snapshot plus, annnnnddd...i don' t see the other... I am kidding :))) I am a big fan and as a creator myself i don't want to know. Just congratulations for your work: So many people like me are spectators before all just not knowing how it s hartd to do simple things without showing that's it is a real work to do so. I am a big fan of your work and perhaps we could have a day some time to talk about our meanings: Me it's the machinimas in a so bad way, working at each level , you this little flamme with a talentive soul skill. Be always my guess as you want to talk with me in world.
Samlowry Hawks
Estate manager of the sim "The Lost Gardens of Apollo"

samlowry said...

And as you had saw, i am french and very bad in english, you can moke at me :)))