Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Sharing Universe

Just so you know I wasn't exaggerating yesterday, here is a depiction of the sharing-related sites I'm registered with. I'm sure I forgot a few. I'll continue the narrative in the next post.

Botgirl's Sharing Universe 2

(Revised 1/7 - Combined "Video Sharing" and "Photo Sharing"into "Media Sharing" and added Koinup)


Camilla said...

Very useful layout. This will actually help me to streamline and eliminate services that are redundant, as well as consider adding in areas I have overlooked.

Thanks for making this!

Dale Innis said...

Ha! Visual evidence that Ning is evil. Good stuff. :)

Unknown said...

Explain how this shows that Ning is Evil, Dale. :-)

It's just a Tool, like Powerpoint. Can be used well or badly, for good or evil...heheh

Botgirl--nice idea to use Novamind or similar. I made a ppt slide last year to try to show how all these are connected to each other, but I ran out of space! This is more compact.

sororNishi said...

What Wicked Webs We Weave......hehehhehe