Monday, November 24, 2008

VIDEO: Nightflower Submits to the Dark Side

ShadowPlay from Botgirl Questi on Vimeo.

Next time: The embarrassing story of how I stumbled onto this idea, plus shadowplay erotica.


Camilla said...

You make some of the most unique videos, comics, etc., that I have ever seen.

Unlike in TAW (the actual world - Tom Bukowski coined it to use instead of RL, since SL is our RL), you push the boundaries of comprehension further and further in new directions in the metaverse. You truly have your finger on the pulse of the metaverse in a way that most of us can't quite envision yet without your help.

Keep doing whatever it is that you do! It is spectacular.

Princess Ivory

Dale Innis said...

ooo nice!

Shadowplay erotica next time, eh? Because there wasn't any of that in this one, no no no! :)