Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Botgirl's New Rules for Media Coverage of Second Life

1. Find a few supermodels using Second Life the next time you run a story.

Maybe virtual worlds are mostly populated by obese yokels wearing frumpy clothes and bad haircuts. But give us a break. I know that out of the millions of avatarians online there must a couple of hot-looking real life people hooking-up behind the scenes other than The League of Virtual Vixens.

2. If you think extreme virtual makeovers are creepy, maybe you should question your glamorous coverage of real life celebrities.

Outside of a seasonal photo featuring a fat, sleep deprived or head-shaven Brittney, you hardly ever show a celebrity who hasn't had four hours of professional makeup, hair and wardrobe support. If we're living in fantasy land, you wrote the book and sold the movie rights.

3. Stop pretending that internet affairs are a newfangled trend.

There's been sex on the internet since before there was the internet. If mainstream coverage of cyberculture wasn't so shallow, sketchy, sporadic and sensational, maybe you could do stories that escape the black hole gravity of tabloid journalism. Sex sells and your coverage smells. Cool. That rhymes.


Leon Cych said...

Right on the button botg as usual - good stuff

Anonymous said...

*high five*

suburb points, and great throw-down attitude to boot. :)

In the end, all the mainstream media are doing is embarrassing themselves: to me they sound like Ted Stevens talking about a series of tubes...

Anonymous said...